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Create Client Engagements Individually from the Portal



Adding a Client Engagement automatically creates a folder structure in your Client's vault; you add a Client Engagement when you: 

  • Print a tax return from Lacerte or ProSeries
  • Import a client using the SmartVault Client Import utility
  • Create an Engagement from the Client Dashboard in the SmartVault client portal

This topic refers to creating an engagement for your clients from the Dashboard. A Client Engagement cannot be added from the SmartVault Drive.


You can alternatively add a new tax engagement directly from the Connected Desktop.


Additionally, you can add client engagements in bulk by using the Dashboard in the Portal.


  1. Open the Connected Desktop.
  2. Right click on the client and select Open Client in Portal.

  3. Click the + sign on the Engagements tab.

  4. Click to choose the engagement type.

  5. Click to choose the engagement year.

  6. Click Save engagement to create your engagement.



You can also use this topic to add additional years of engagements on an ad-hoc basis. For example, as you are completing the current year's tax returns, you may want to create next year's folder structure.


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