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Create Client Engagements for ALL clients from the Dashboard View

You can create client engagements for ALL clients from the Dashboard View in SmartVault. Accounting Pro and Tax Prep plans can select a folder template engagement to create them for each client all at once. Folder templates can be created for all clients even if you have already created the engagement on a few clients. SmartVault will not duplicate any engagements that already exist in your client's vault. So feel free to utilize this button to save time and a quick way for all clients to have the same folder template engagement for the same year. 


  1. Login the Dashboard.
  2. Click on the Clients icon as shown below:

  3. Click the Create New Engagements clipboard_e6534aef860b170f0b7095973019e0fc9.png icon to create an engagement for ALL clients.
  4. Click on the Tax Engagement word to allow you to select a different Type of Engagement if needed. You have the following listed in the screen shot below to choose from:

  5. Select the Period which will create the folder template for the year you selected.
  6. Click the  icon on the top left to Save.
  7. An email will be sent to you once the request has been completed. Please note that if you have numerous clients, it may take some time to complete the request. After it completes, the changes will reflect on each client's vault.


You can select which clients you only want to apply the engagement for if you do not want to create the engagement for all clients. To create engagements only for selected clients, make sure you select the clients by selecting the checkbox next to each client name. Otherwise the system will create the folder template engagement for ALL of your clients.