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Create Client Engagements for All Clients in the Portal

You can save time by creating an engagement for all of your clients, follow the steps below to create client engagements for all of your clients.  


  1. Sign into the SmartVault Portal.

  2. Click on the Clients icon as shown below:

  3. Without selecting any clients, click on the Create engagements for all clients icon Create Engagements Icon.PNG.
    Note: This icon will not appear If you have any clients selected.
    Create Engagements Icon2 .PNG
  4. On the next screen, Click on Tax Engagement to select a different type of Engagement if needed.
    Select Engagements.png
  5. Select the Period (year), on the next line for the engagement you are trying to create.
  6. Click the  icon on the top left to Save.
  7. A confirmation window will open.  Press OK.
    Engagement Confirmation Window.png
  8. You will receive an email confirmation once the engagements have been created for all of your clients.