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Edit the User Activation Email Template

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Applies to:

SmartVault Tax and Accounting plans

When you invite your clients to view files and folders in your SmartVault account, an email is sent to each client. This email helps your client activate his or her SmartVault account. The email is generated by a template. Use the steps in this guide to customize the User Activation email template. 

Note: This email template is used anytime you invite a new user to SmartVault, including non-client guest users and employee users. You can either inform your employees about this email, or you can invite all your employees before editing this email template.


MP4_Icon.pngYou can also view a video with steps on how to customize the User Activation email here.

Viewing the User Activation email template:

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Click Email Templates.

  3. Locate and select the email template labeled User Activation.


Use the following text for a common template to work from:

  1. Right click here and select Save link as to download a .txt file containing a suggested template.


    If you would prefer a more general template that does not identify your users specifically as clients of your firm, right click here and select Save link as.

    Note: If you are using Internet Explorer, select Save target as.
  2. After the file downloads, open the file in Notepad.

  3. Select all the text in Notepad.  (A useful keyboard shortcut for this is CTRL+A to select all text.)


  4. Copy the text. (A useful keyboard shortcut for this is CTRL+C.)
  5. From the email template editor, click on View source on the editor bar.


  6. Delete the text already in the email template editor, and then paste the text into the email body of the email template editor. (A useful keyboard shortcut for this is CTRL+V.)

    (See the diagram for more information on the email template editor.) 
    You can also use the diagram to understand the SmartVault placeholders used in the email template.
  7. Edit the email subject text. We suggest using "Welcome to the [Your Company] Client Portal" where [Your Company] is the name of your tax firm.


  8. When you've finished editing the template, click Save changes.

  9. Finally, you can test the email template by using a Gmail email address.
    Follow the steps here to test your template.


Note: The Revert to Default button will delete any changes you've made to the email template and will revert the template back to the original SmartVault default text. 


If you plan on working on multiple versions of your email templates or changing the template used in this guide, see this article on saving versions of formatted email templates and then using those formatted email templates at a later time. 


For a diagram of the menus used in the email template editor, see this article.