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How To Manually Add A Client ID


This article will explain how to manually add a Client ID to a client that was created in SmartVault. Before you continue, please read the considerations first so that you fully understand the details involved when adding the Client ID this way.

Please Note* This method should only be used if you were going to be adding only a few Client ID's to your clients as it will take time this way for numerous clients. If you want to add clients with Client ID's in bulk, please refer to the article at the following link   CSV import


  • The Client ID can ONLY be added if the Client ID currently does NOT exist on the client.
  • Once the Client ID has been assigned, it can not be modified, edited, or changed.
  • The Aliases are permanent and will re-add automatically even if they are deleted and saved.
  • The Client ID must be 4 characters long at least and can be Numbers or Letters and cannot contain any special characters.



  1. Right-Click mouse.png on the client name in the Connected Desktop and click on Open Client in Portal.

  2. Edit the client by clicking on the   icon. 

  3. Scroll down to "Aliases" and click on the plus (+) icon

  4. You can Copy and Paste the two fields Domain and Type from the following table below:
    Type: tax_id_client_id
    *Value: ;ClientID  
    *Value contains a semicolon followed by the Client ID you wish to assign. The value above is just an example of how it should look when you add the value. Example  ;SMITH123
  5. Click the   in the top left to save the changes made.
  6. You can now open the Connected Desktop to review the changes.
    • If the changes do not happen automatically, in the top of the Connected Desktop go to View->Refresh Clients