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Managing and Inviting Lacerte or ProSeries Tax Clients

After integrating Lacerte or ProSeries with SmartVault and importing tax clients, you can invite them to access their files in SmartVault.

Once you've integrated SmartVault with Lacerte or ProSeries and imported your tax clients, you can invite them to access their files within SmartVault, allowing you to share tax documents and returns with your clients. 

You may want to review and customize the email template before you invite your clients, or you use the default email templates provided by SmartVault.

Through the invitation process, SmartVault sets the file and folder permissions to the recommended levels based on the default template. If you would like, you can customize permissions in SmartVault for each of your clients. SmartVault also allows your clients to upload files for you, such as copies of receipts and other documents.

Inviting Clients from the Portal

1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal
2. Click Clients.

3. Select the clients you want to invite, and then click Invite Client.
Note: You can enable the select all checkbox at the top left corner to select all clients on this page. You can only select the clients appearing on this page. If you have more than one page of clients, you will need to navigate to the next page of clients to continue inviting additional clients. Click the next arrow to move to the next page.

4. You are prompted to confirm that you want to invite the client(s). Click OK.
5. SmartVault displays a Invite Client confirmation message. Click Close

Inviting One Client from the Connected Desktop

1. Open the Connected Desktop.
2. Right click on the client you want to invite and select Open client in Portal. Your browser will open on the Client Info page in the Dashboard. 

3. Click the Invite client icon at the top left of the Dashboard.

4. SmartVault displays a Invite Client confirmation message. Click Close

Confirming a Client Has Access to Their Files

You can confirm each client has access to his or her files by selecting the appropriate folder for a client, and then reviewing the Access and Notifications Settingsinformation for that folder.

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