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Navigating the Files View in Dashboard


The Smart Vault Files view in the Dashboard is an area that you can easily navigate to see your client vaults, folders, public documents and also internal documents. The Files view displays access to view details, getting links to files, sending links, modifying access and notification, recycle bin and activity log.


After completing this how-to you will have an understanding of navigating to your files and knowing where to utilize available actions with files and folders.


  1. The Files View icon is located on the bottom left side with a folder icon of the Dashboard view. Click on the symbol with the folder icon.
     Dashboard View pointing at files view icon.PNG
  2. In the files view, you will see the name of your account on the top left of the screen and 3 containers in a list Clients, Employees and Firm. Feel free to select your desired container clicking on the name of the container that you would like to open. For this example, a client vault is selected displaying the content to the right.
    Selecing a client.PNG


The Container labeled "clients" was selected then the "A-D" Container was selected which displays the name of the client.


The left side of the screen will show you a file path.

The view in the middle which takes up most of your screen will display selected the selected vault or folder content. 



3. The tool bar is used to perform actions with your files and folders such as: 

Selecting All, Creating Folders, Uploading, Refresh content, Searching and viewing the Container or Item properties.

tool bar view.PNG


Tool bar options.PNG




Now that you have found the features of the tool bar. I wanted to also point out that you can upload by drag and dropping files from your computer desktop into a folder in files view. Ex.

Dashboard Files view drag and drop..PNG



The picture below displays a document that is selected the tools available to use.

Tool bar icons in files view.PNG




Selected files to Upload 

-Select files from your computer to upload to the folder.

Send Selected files to trash

-Sends the selected file to the recycle bin for that specific folder.

Move Selected Items

-Move the selected item to another folder location.

Copy Selected Items 

-Keeps the document in original location allowing you to choose an additional location to store a copy.

Create New Folder

-Create a new folder to be able to organize files.


-Reloads the content area to display the latest view of the location.


-Documents are searchable by title and content inside the document.


The image below shows displays the preview feature for a document by clicking the eye symbol.

preview doc in files view.PNG


Documents can be downloaded to your local computer.

download from files view.PNG


The last icon is the "Item Properties"

item properties.PNG


Item Properties displays options for a selected document: 

File Details

- Displays when the file was Created, Modified, Size and Description.

Get Link

- Displays a link available to copy and paste into a email message to send to people that have existing access to the file. 

Send Link

- Displays users that you can select to send a link to the file with the option to put in a message.

Version History

- Displays options for reverting back to  previous versions of a document that was printed to Smart Vault.




Container Properties displays options for a selected folder:



- information about the created folder or vault selected.


Get Link

- Displays a link available to copy and paste into a email message to send to people that have existing access to the file. 

get link dashboard.PNG


Send Link

- Displays users that you can select to send a link to the file with the option to put in a message.
send link in dashboard.PNG



Access and Notifications

- Displays users, clients and guest that have Read, Write, Create, Delete, Upload and Download notifications.

access and notifications for folder in dashboard cropped.PNG


Recycle Bin

- Every folder has it's own recycle bin that allows you to go retrieve a deleted file within 90 days.

Activity Log

- Displays user activity such as when a file was created, deleted, and downloaded with more detail involved such as the IP address, Message, Name of the file, Path, Event, User type and the timestamp for when the activity took place.


activity log in files view container properties.PNG




- If you are not seeing the latest changes in the window then click the refresh button to load the latest changes on the screen.

- When sending files or getting links to, keep in mind that you can only send files to invited clients, users and guest.

- Access and Notifications will only show you the existing template settings from the manage folder template area and is there if you need to override existing settings. Ex granting "create" access for clients to upload to a manually created folder.

- The Recycle Bin is has a 90 day recovery period and is folder specific.

- The Activity Log is also file specific and allows you to see changes that have been made to you files and folders.


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