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Sending Tax Returns to One Client at a Time

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You can send out tax returns to your clients using SmartVault's mail merge feature from the Client Portal. Utilizing email templates provided by SmartVault that you can personalize and edit, all the clients you select will be mailed their tax returns.


Follow these steps to send these tax returns to only one client at a time, or you can send out tax returns in bulk.


  1. Open the Connected Desktop.
  2. Right click on the client and select Open Client in Portal.

  3. Locate the tax engagement associated with this client's tax return.

  4. You might need to apply or change filters to find the specific engagement for which you're searching. You can filter on the following criteria:

    • if the government tax return has been prepared;
    • if the client tax return has been prepared;
    • and if you have already sent a return to a client or not.
  5. Check to select the client tax engagement, and then click Email Client.

  6. You will receive a confirmation that the tax return email is sent.



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