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SmartVault Dashboard - Files and Folders View


The Dashboard is the browser based view of your SmartVault account

Anatomy of the Dashboard (in Business Plans)



  • Shortcuts Sidebar (always visible from any location within the Dashboard)
    • With future updates, the sidebar will all you to quickly jump from dashboard to dashboard without first returning to the Files and Folders Dashboard.
      • The  icon simply displays a description next to each icon in the Shortcuts Sidebar when clicked.
      • The  icon is a shortcut to the Files and Folders dashboard.
  • Account & User Settings  (always visible from any location within the Dashboard)
    • Click the  icon to change the Account Settings of your SmartVault Account.
      • Here you can :
        • Update your Billing and Payment Information.
        • Configure Integrations (such as RightSignature,, etc.).
        • Manage account Administrators, Licensees, and Custom Group Members.
        • Open an additional SmartVault account or Close your current account.
        • Custom Brand your Client Portal.
    • Click the  icon to change your User Settings across all the SmartVault Accounts you have access to.
      • Here you can:
        • Download various SmartVault Apps and Plugins.
        • Change your Password and your personal Info.
        • Update the frequency with which you receive Notification emails for uploads and downloads.
        • Change your View Preferences and select your default SmartVault subdomain.
        • Sign Out of your SmartVault account or Switch Accounts to view another SmartVault account.
  • Help Menu (always visible from any location within the Dashboard)
    • Click the  icon to see the Help Menu and links to SmartVault Customer Support resources.
      • Here you can:
        • View the top five help topics and support pages related to your currently selected dashboard.
        • Open SmartVault's Customer Service and Support Center website to search for additional support pages or contact a SmartVault Support representative.


  • Files and Folders Dashboard 
    • Allows you to Upload, Download, Search, View, Move, Copy, Edit, and Delete files, folders and vaults within your SmartVault account.
      • Navigation Pane
        • Facilitates navigation through the vault and folder hierarchy that makeup your SmartVault account.
      • Details Pane
        • Allows you to select and perform the following actions one or multiple files, folders, or vaults:
          • In order from left to right: Select All, Upload, Delete, Move, Copy, Create Folder, Create Vault, Refresh Details Pane, Search.  Not all action icons will be visible at once - their availability is context sensitive.
        • Allows you to sort the items displayed by 3 criteria, though folders will always appear above files.
          • Name: sorts files and folders by name alphabetically from A to Z or from Z to A.
          • Size sorts files, but not folders by file size from smallest to largest or from largest to smallest.
          • Date Modified: sorts files and folders by the date and time they were last modified from oldest to newest or from newest to oldest. 
            • If a file is uploaded and never modified, then the file's upload date and time is its date modified.
        • Allows you to perform the following actions on a specific file:
          • In order from left to right: Get Signature, View Document, Download, Item Properties
        • Select the  icon to the right of an item to see advanced options for:
          • Files: Details, Get Link, Send Link, Version History
          • Folders: Details, Get Link, Send Link, Access & Notifications, Recycle Bin, Activity Log
          • Vaults: Details, Get Link, Send Link, Manage Group Members, Access & Notifications, Recycle Bin, Activity Log


To go to the Dashboard from the Client Portal, right-click on your account name (next to the blue globe) in the left Navigation pane and select "View Dashboard" from the drop-down menu.