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Update a Missing or Incorrect Tax Client Email Address in the SmartVault Portal


Often when importing tax clients from your tax application, such as ProSeries or Lacerte, your clients might have an incorrect or invalid email address.


With an missing email or invalid client email, you may receive an error message from SmartVault, or your client may not receive the invitation to access his or her vault in your SmartVault account.



The best solution for this problem is to validate and update your clients' email addresses in your tax application before you actually import your clients to SmartVault.


You can also correct any client's email address in SmartVault after an import. You'll first correct the email address and then reinvite the client if your client hasn't yet received an invitation to access their vault in your SmartVault account. 


  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Click Clients.

  3. Locate the client whose email address needs correcting and click View/edit client information (the i icon).

  4. Click Edit client.

  5. Edit the client's email address to correct the errors in the address. Click Save changes.

  6. Now that the client has an accurate email address you can reinvite the client to access your SmartVault account.
  7. After saving the changes, you're taken to the Client Info screen. Click Invite client.

  8. You'll receive confirmation that your client was successfully invited.