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Using Custom Groups in Dashboard with Manage Folder Templates


Custom Groups can be used to assign employees into a group that may be used within the Manage Folder Templates to assign things such as download and upload notifications. Ex.Some companies might prefer 3 specific employees to handle incoming upload notifications from a specific folder.



After completing this how-to you will have the ability to add employees into custom groups to be able to better utilize the Manage Folder Template for specific employees to get notifications.


  1. In Dashboard, click on the gear sign located on the top right of the screen.

    account options.PNG

  2.  Select Custom Groups

    custom group.PNG

  3.  Edit Group

    custom group edit  group.PNG

  4. Fill in the field with your preferred group name and save the changes.

    upload notification group in CG Dashboard.PNG

  5.  Go back to the gear symbol in top right.

  6. . Choose Custom Group Members

    Manage group members in dashboard account view.PNG
  7.  Select a preferred group.




8.  Add your preferred employees to the group by selecting the employee and using the "Add Button then hit save changes.

add your preferred employees to group.PNG




9. Go back to Dashboard and choose "Manage Folder Templates".





10. Choose the Tax Engagement Folder template by clicking the pencil symbol to the right.

Tax Engagement template in MFT View.PNG



11.  Navigate to the "Client Source Documents" gear and choose "Edit folder".

edit folder for client source docs.PNG



12. Choose the "+" sign under Notifications

+ sign next to  notifications.PNG 



13. Then choose the newly created group. Ex "Upload Notification Group" 

select upload notification group in tx eng templ.PNG



14.  Save changes by choosing the save button on the top left.

15. Save the changes to the Tax Engagement folder then Apply changes and fill in the description.





- These features are available accounts that have the Dashboard Feature.

- Custom groups may be applied to different engagements within "Manage Folder Templates".