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View the Activity Log for a Vault or Folder in Dashboard

For security and compliance, it is important to not only prevent unauthorized access to your confidential information, but to also be able to audit who has accessed sensitive documents. For example, you need to be able to know when someone uploaded, downloaded, deleted, or changed the properties of any document, or if someone changed access settings on a vault or folder. SmartVault's audit trail feature, the Activity Log, does just that.


  1. Select icon in for Activity Log is on right.

  2. The Activity Log Screen will display the events that have taken place within the account.

  3. The tool bar on the right has 3 options. You can export the activity log as a csv file. This will give you the capability to sort and filter different event to better have an idea for things that were deleted, moved, edited and many more columns.

    The next icon is our filter icon that will give you the ability to filter by license type and date range.

    The button furthest to the right is the configure button which can hide or show columns by selecting or deselecting the box icons.


  • Due to the amount of data an activity log produces, we recommend to pull the data in 3 month chunks, rather than trying to pull an entire year's worth of data.