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Create a Folder in the SmartVault Drive


This topic explains how you can create folders using the SmartVault Drive. When you first sign in, SmartVault displays the default My First Vault and My First Folder. You can rename these to fit your needs and workflow. They are just there as an example.


  1. Map a drive with the SmartVault Drive.
  2. In Windows Explorer, Mac Finder or other WebDAV application, locate your SmartVault Drive.
  3. The first item you see is your Account Name. Open the folder.
  4. Use right click functionality as you do on your desktop to create a folder.


  • Folders can only be created under the vault root. You must have a vault to create a folder.
  • You can have as many folders and subfolders as you like, however, you will see significant performance degradation after about 150 or so objects at any level. 
  • Please review the Best Practices for Vaults and Folder topic before creating your entire folder structure.
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