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Use the SmartVault Drive to Save Signed eSignature Documents from the Lacerte or ProSeries eSignature Feature


You can use the eSignature feature in Lacerte or ProSeries to electronically request a signature on your client's Individual Form 8879. For additional information on this feature, view Intuit's eSignature FAQ here. Once finished with the eSignature process, you can use the SmartVault Drive to save the signed Form 8879 PDF that you receive from Lacerte or ProSeries to a folder in your SmartVault account.


Before using these steps, verify that you have mapped a drive using the SmartVault Drive tool.



  1. Open Lacerte or ProSeries and navigate to your Clients.
    • In ProSeries, you need to select EF Center from the HomeBase View.

  2. After you complete the eSignature process for a client, the eSignature status for that client will change to Completed.
    For more information, visit Intuit's guide on eSignature for Lacerte here, or visit Intuit's overview on eSignature for ProSeries here.
  3. Choose a client that has a status of Completed.

    In Lacerte, look for the eSig Status column:

    In ProSeries, look for the E-Sig Status column:
    eSig-HB Statuses.jpg
  4. Click on the text Completed to open the PDF containing the signed Form 8879.

  5. Return to the PDF containing the signed Form 8879 and click File>Save As.
  6. Select the SmartVault Drive and then navigate to a folder in your account to store the PDF.

    If you can't find a SmartVault Drive, use this article to map a drive to your SmartVault account.

  7. Click Save and the PDF uploads to that location in your SmartVault account.