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Print to the SmartVault Connected Desktop


You will use the SmartVault PDF Printer to print directly to SmartVault from office productivity software such as Microsoft Word or Excel. The SmartVault PDF Printer prints your file as a PDF to SmartVault and appears in any situation in which you could use a normal printer, so you aren't limited to only printing from Microsoft Office programs.


  1. Open the Connected Desktop, select a client, and click on the folder to which you want to print.

  2. Open any software that allows printing. For this tutorial, we'll use Microsoft Excel.
  3. After working with a file in the program, print the file.
  4. Select SmartVault PDF Printer from the list of printers and click Print.

  5. If you aren't currently signed in, the SmartVault Desktop will prompt you to sign in.
  6. Depending on the SmartVault applications you currently have open, a window opens to display the possible locations to which you can send the printed PDF. Click on Connected Desktop.

  7. The PDF uploads to the folder you previously selected.

Additional Considerations and Resources

Since an already existing PDF cannot be converted to a PDF file, using the PDF Printer with a PDF fails. If you need to upload a PDF or upload a file using its original file type, you can drag and drop the file into the destination folder in the Connected Desktop.


You can also use the SmartVault PDF printer with files in Windows File Explorer and your computer's desktop.


And you can set the default SmartVault application to use when printing or scanning with the PDF Printer.


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