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SmartVault Local Glossary

Note: See the SmartVault Connected Desktop Glossary for terms related to the Connected Desktop.


The location on a computer or network server where the local store lives. Selected during SmartVault Local setup. 

Encrypted Documents

Documents and files can be password-protected and emailed from the SmartVault Connected Desktop.

Local Store/Local Storage

The documents and data that are stored on a local computer or server. 


File/document and folder-specific information -- titles and folder names -- that still live in the Cloud for the SmartVault Portal to consume. 

Split-Key Encryption

Requires authorized access to SmartVault and the local store. Ensures that even if someone obtains your documents and data, they wont be able to open them.


VPN connection gives employees access to your instance of SmartVault Local. Also used to access your documents and data from outside the office if the local store is on a server.

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