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Explore the SmartVault Dashboard


The SmartVault Dashboard is the administrative dashboard for your account.

If you would prefer to watch a video that summarizes the Dashboard and highlights some of its features, please follow this link: Explore the Dashboard (Video).


To change your default View Preferences to the Dashboard view instead of the Advanced view, click here.


The primary function of the Dashboard is to allow you to administer your SmartVault account.  It can also be used for accessing your files from any computer or mobile device where you have an Internet connection.  The SmartVault Dashboard allows you to (click the following table to enlarge):



Anatomy of the Dashboard


  • Account & User Settings + Help Menu (always visible from any location within the Dashboard)
    • Click the  icon to change the Account and Administrator settings of your SmartVault Account.
      • Here you can :
        • Update your Billing and Payment Information.
        • Configure Integrations (such as RightSignature,, etc.).
        • Manage account Administrators, Licensees, and Custom Group Members.
        • Open an additional SmartVault account or Close your current account.
        • Custom Brand your Client Portal.
    • Click the  icon to change your personal settings across all your SmartVault Accounts.
      • Here you can:
        • Download various SmartVault Apps and Plugins.
        • Change your Password and your personal Info.
        • Update the frequency with which you receive Notification emails for uploads and downloads.
        • Change your View Preferences and select your default SmartVault subdomain.
        • Sign Out of your SmartVault account or Switch Accounts to view another SmartVault account.
    • Click the  icon to see targeted Help Topics and link to SmartVault Customer Support resources.
      • Here you can:
        • View the top five help topics and support pages related to your currently selected Task.
        • Open SmartVault's Customer Service and Support Center website to search for additional support pages or contact a SmartVault Support representative.

Determine Your SmartVault Plan Type


The function and layout of the Account & User Settings and the Help Menu are identical across all SmartVault Plan types, but the rest of the Dashboard varies greatly in features and appearance depending on your SmartVault Plan.  There are two main types of SmartVault Plans - click on the image below that most resembles your Dashboard when you sign in:

Dashboard in an Accountant Plan       Dashboard in a Business Plan

(Includes Tax Prep, Accounting Pro, and Enterprise plans)               (Includes StarterTeam, and Pro plans)



To go to the Dashboard from the Client Portal, right-click on your account name (next to the blue globe) in the left Navigation pane and select "View Dashboard" from the drop-down menu.