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Using the Client Portal to Share Files with Your Accountant


If your accountant utilizes SmartVault for document management, chances are that he or she wants to be as paperless as possible. And that doesn't just mean internally, but also in regard to the source documents (bank statements, sales invoices, etc.) that you provide. With the SmartVault Portal, your accountant can share your client vault or a specific folder with you so that you can easily and efficiently upload your confidential documents. 


View a video on SmartVault for Clients and Guests


You must activate your SmartVault account before you can begin uploading documents:

  1. Open the account activation email and click on the link to create your account.

    CP_Activation Email.PNG
  2. Enter your first and last name, your phone number, create your own password and agree to SmartVault's Terms of Service.

    Note: If your accountant has shared a folder or vault with you, your first and last name and email address will already be populated.
  3. Click Create My User to get to your Client Portal and its welcome screen.
  4. Navigate to the welcome screen and click Close.
    CP_Account Activation Welcome Screen in Portal.png
    Note: From this screen, you can both install your SmartVault Desktop Software and read documentation on SmartVault for Clients.


Now you're ready to begin uploading documents:

  1. From the portal screen, navigate to the shared folder you would like to upload to.
  2. Click Upload File in the to access the file upload dialog box
    CP_Shared Folder Upload File.png
    Note: You will only be able to upload a file to a folder you have access to. 
  3. Navigate to the file you'd like to upload and drag and drop it into the dialog box
    A green indicator light CP_Drag FIle Client Upload Indicator.pngappears next to the file name when the file has successfully been added.
    You can also upload a file by clicking Browse and selecting the file from the Windows File Explorer.
  4. Click Close to return to the portal screen.
  5. You'll receive a confirmation message stating your file upload is complete.
    CP_File Upload Success.png