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Change Permissions on a Folder

When inviting the client doesn't give them access to a particular folder, then you would want to manually change permissions on a folder. if your view does not look like this, follow this link here.


  1. Navigate to the folder that you want to change permissions on
  2. Click the small grey gear on the top right Dashboard - Files and Folders - Gear Icon.png
  3. Click access and notifications to see who has access to this particular vault or folder
  4. Click edit access settings to make changes to access
  5. Click add user to add users and guests manually
    1. Requires license type, first name, last name, email, and read access
  6. Click the boxes to change their access
  7. When saving the settings, change the Applies to field, if needed
    1. "this folder and all subfolders" only looks for changes you just made to add to the subfolders
    2. "this folder and make all subfolder access settings exactly like these" changes all subfolders to be a clone copy of the permissions on this folder
  8. Click Save Settings


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