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Editing Documents in the SmartVault Portal


Editing a document within the SmartVault Portal requires you to first download a copy of the file and then to upload the edited file to SmartVault again.


  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Navigate to the vault or folder containing the document that needs changes. Click on the document you want to edit.
  3. On the preview page that opens, click Download. Depending on the web browser you use and the settings enabled on your web browser, one of the following things might occur.
    • For Chrome users, the default setting for the browser is to automatically download files to your Downloads folder. When the file finishes downloading, it will be displayed at the bottom of the browser. Click the arrow on the document and select Show in folder

    • For Internet Explorer users, when you click Download, by default, a message appears allowing you to choose an action. Click the Save button. A new message appears informing you that the download has completed. Click Open folder.

    • For Firefox users, a dialog box will appear after you click Download. Choose Save File and click OK. Then, a menu appears displaying the file you just downloaded. Click the folder icon to open the folder containing the downloaded file.

  4. After the file has downloaded, open the file, make your edits, and save the changes to the file in the application with which you opened the file—for example, if you were editing a Microsoft Word file, save the file using Microsoft Word.
  5. In the SmartVault Portal, navigate to the vault or folder in which you want to save your edited document. Usually, this is the same folder from which you downloaded the file.
  6. Click Upload Files​ under Folder Tasks.
    • NoteIf you do not see the Upload Files under Folder Tasks when you select a vault or folder, the person who shared the vault or folder with you did not give you Create permissions for the vault or folder. If you want to upload documents in a vault or folder, and you do not see the Upload Files, ask the person who shared the vault or folder with you to give you Create permissions for the vault or folder.
  7. From the folder containing your edited file, drag the file into the Upload Files box that appears.
    • Alternatively, you can click the Browse button in the Upload Files box to find the file in your computer's folder system.
  8. Click Send Email Notification if you want to inform a SmartVault user via email that this file has changed; otherwise, click Close. Your edited file will overwrite the existing file in SmartVault, and your document will now contain the changes you made.


Often, if a file is downloaded multiple times, your computer will automatically rename the file to avoid duplicate files. For example, your file might be named Time Off Request and Policy.docx, but the file might be changed by your computer to Time Off Request and Policy (1).docx when downloaded. If this is the case, or if the file name changes for any other reason, the file will not overwrite the existing file. Instead, the file will be stored in SmartVault using the changed file name.


Be sure to check your file names and verify that the file names match before uploading if you want to avoid creating duplicate files in SmartVault.


If your plan gives you access to the SmartVault Connected Desktop, you can edit documents in the Connected Desktop without the need to upload and download files manually.