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Enable or Disable Client and Guest User Access to Your Recycle Bin or Your File Version History


You can allow a client or guest user to access your Recycle Bin and/or your Document Version History in your SmartVault account. By default, this ability is disabled.


The user types this setting affects differs according to the SmartVault plan you use. 

In a SmartVault Tax Plan, this setting enables or disables this ability for the tax clients you invite to view your account.

In a SmartVault Bookkeeping or Business plan, this setting enables or disables this ability for the clients you invite as guests on your account. These users have a guest user license type and are also referred to as guests.


  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.
  2. Right click on your account and select View Properties.

  3. Under Account Settings, locate the settings Allow clients to access recycle bin and Allow clients to access document version history. By default, these are unchecked and disabled.

  4. To enable these, click each checkbox and click Save Settings.

  5. Tax clients and guest users can now access your Recycle Bin and your Document Version History
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