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Explore the SmartVault Portal


The SmartVault Portal is your browser based client portal for your account.

If you would prefer to watch a video that summarizes the Portal and highlights some of its features, please follow this link: Explore the Portal (Video).


The primary function of the portal it to allow you to administer your SmartVault account. It can also be used for accessing your files from any computer or mobile device where you have an Internet connection.


The SmartVault portal helps you

  • Manage your account and invite clients and/or guests.
  • Set and view permissions on folders you've granted.
  • View Documents in the browser.
  • Access to the Recycle Bin, Activity Log and Version History of files.
  • Access your billing page and update your credit card information
  • Access the Custom Branding feature
  • Search for documents by keyword or phrase

When to Use

When you first activate your account you will be directed to the SmartVault Portal. We've provided a pictorial of the Portal page some an explanations below.


  • Menu Bar
    • The Menu Bar allows you to reload the Portal, change your personal settings, open SmartVault’s Support Website, or sign out of the Portal
  • Navigation Pane
    • The easiest way to navigate up and down your vault and folder hierarchy.  Files never appear in the Navigation Pane. 
    • By default, your end clients and guests do not see the Navigation Pane as they have much fewer vaults and folders to navigate.
  • Details Pane
    • Whatever location you have selected in the Navigation Pane will display its contents in the Details Pane. 
    • Selecting a file in the Details Pane allows additional options such as Download, Preview, Send Link to File, Version History, and more.
  • Tasks Pane
    • Allows you to accomplish different actions or tasks depending on which location is highlighted in the Navigation or Details Pane. 
    • At the bottom of the Tasks Pane are links to all the SmartVault applications and plugins that are available. 
    • All downloads are free as SmartVault does not charge for additional software licenses. The most popular download is the app for Microsoft Windows which installs the SmartVault Launchpad and related services, such as the SmartVault Inbox and Webdrive.


If you're on one of our Tax plans, you'll likely not use this portal. However, you can easily go to the SmartVault Dashboad to access similar features. To go to the Dashboard, right click on your account in the Navigation pane on the left and select View Dashboard.