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Manually Add Client Organizer Tag to Tax Engagement Folder Templates


In order for Organizers printed from Lacerte to be routed to a Tax Engagement's 'Client Organizer' folder, existing customers will need to manually add a tag to the folder template so it can consume the document.


  1. Open the SmartVault Dashboard and click Manage Folder Templates.
  2. Click the View and Edit templates icon CP_view and edit template icon.jpgfor the default Tax Engagement template.
  3. Click the gear icon next to the Client Organizer folder and select Edit folder.
    CP_edit folder template_client org.jpg
  4. Click the plus icon under Documents stored in this folder. 
  5. Click the drop down arrow and select Client organizer.
    CP_documents stored in this tag_Client org.jpg
  6. Click Save changes.
  7. Click Save changes when you return to the main Tax Engagement template screen.
  8. Enter 'Added Client Organizer tag to folder template' and click OK.
    CP_add client organizer tag_description.jpg
  9. Click Apply template CP_Apply template button.jpg and then click OK.
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