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Move Client Data to their Own SmartVault Account


This topic provides best practices and procedures to help you move your client's data to their own SmartVault account. You are likely to use these steps when a client wishes to enjoy the benefits of SmartVault for their own firm and wants to manage their own data.


After completing this how-to you will have moved your client's data to their own account or any other SmartVault account.


  1. Have the client sign up for an account using this link, . (They should choose the File Sharing and Storage trial plans. (Because they have an existing SmartVault user id, the sign up page will require them to enter a credit card, even for the free trial)

    Note: If the data is being moved from one accountant/bookkeeper's account to another bookkeeper's account, the user moving the company file and other data must have at least Vault Manager access to their respective vaults in both accounts.

  2. Have the customer add you as an administrator to their account temporarily.
    Add an Administrator to the SmartVault Account 


    Have your old and new bookkeeper make you a Vault Manager of the both the source and destination vaults in their respective accounts.

  3. When you login to your SmartVault, you will see two accounts.

    a.    If you have QuickBooks/Reckon integration for the client,  use the instructions at the link below to move the  QuickBooks company file to preserve the attachments.
     Move QuickBooks Company Files

    b.    If you just have data, then you can move the folders in your account to their account using the instructions below.
    Move Folders in the Portal

  4. Once the data is moved, ask the client or your old bookkeeper to remove your user from their account.
    Remove users from License Manager

  5. Have the customer sign up for admin trainiing sessions for their File Sharing Account bto help them through initial setup of the SmartVault, (optional)
    SmartVault University and Free Training


  1. Once the data is moved successfully, all administrators will received a notification email from SmartVault indicating the process is complete.
  2. Once you have moved the data from your account to their, you should remove the client's access from your account, as described in Step 5.


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