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Navigating in the Portal with Advanced View





After completing this how-to you will have an understanding of how to navigate in the Portal with advanced view.


  1. Log into the Smart Vault sign in page.


  2. The left side of the screen is the location area of the portal.
    - The Account has Containers for categorizing the Vaults. Ex. Clients, Employees and Firm.
    - The + sign allows you to expand and see a file path to your documents.
    - The - sign allows you to close the file path.
    - The background text area of the clicked folder or document becomes gray to indicate that a selection has been made.
    -The File Tasks to the right will show you available actions for a selected document, folder and the name of your account.

    Portal with detail.PNG


- File tasks such as delete and upload will not be possible unless the administrator grants access.