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Remove Access From SmartVault


This article will show you how to remove a user's access from SmartVault completely so that they are no longer able to login or see any files or folders from your SmartVault account. This includes removing users such as Administrators, Employees, Clients, or Guest users. Please note that only Administrative users can remove access from the SmartVault account. 

Before you begin, make sure you sign in to the SmartVault Portal

Remove Access From a Specific Folders or Vault

  1. Navigate to the folder or vault that you want to remove the user from.
  2. Click on the folder or vault and click View Access and Notification Settings.
  3. You can view a list of users who currently have access to the folder or vault in the window that opens. Click Edit Access Settings.
  4. Click the X icon under the Remove column to remove that user's access.
  5. Click Save Settings when you've finished editing these settings.

Remove User From a Group

Some users may have been granted access  via Group Membership. Group permissions are set at the vault level. To remove a user from the group:

  1. Under My Accounts, click the sign for your account and find the vault in question.
  2. Right click on the vault name (file cabinet icon) and select Manage Group Members.
  3. Select the appropriate group tab and find the user to remove.
  4. Click the Remove link for the user and close the dialog.

Remove User, Client, or Guest Access from the Account

  1. Under My Accounts, select your account on the left side of the screen - it has a blue globe next to it.
  2. Once you have your account selected, on the right side of the screen under Account Tasks, select Manage Licenses.
  3. From this window you will see tabs for the license types and who has access to your account under each tab. 
  4. Click Remove next to the user's email address and then OK in the confirmation dialog box.



Important Note - Please review
  • To remove a user from a folder and all its subfolders, under Apply changes to, select This folder and make all subfolders access settings exactly like these, and then click Save Settings.

  • If at some point you no longer want the user to have access to anything in the account, use the instructions for Remove User Access from Account.

  • You must be an account Administrator or a Member of the Vault Manager's group to do this

  • You must remove a user from the Administrator's Group before you can remove them from the account

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