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Saving a new office document to Smart Vault



SmartVault has many ways of saving files and sometimes when creating a document, you can save your doc into a specific client folder by using our "Upload To SmartVault" folder. The "Upload To SmartVault" folder which is located in your documents folder in your PC and when a file is saved to that location, SmartVault will give you a choice to send a file to a preselected location in the Connected Desktop, inbox and autofiler. 


Start your document you are currently working on and when are ready to finish, then open the Connected Desktop and navigate to the location you would like to save the document.

Ex. I have the "Permanent File" folder selected.

1.Then you can choose to do either File>Save, or Save As and then you can navigate to the Documents folder


2. Select the "Upload to SmartVault" folder location and click save.


3. Close the document and a pop for choosing where you want to save the file will display giving you the option to save to a selected folder location in the Connected Desktop.

Click on "Connected Desktop" option in the "Upload File to SmartVault Window".

Then the file will then be located under the selected folder.


- This method is commonly used when opening an existing PDF that you want to Smart Vault.


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