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Set a Client Vault as Private



You can set client vaults as private to remove all access to users except for all administrators on the account and users who are specifically granted access by an administrator. Only client vaults can be set as private.


  1. Sign in to the Portal.
  2. Right click on the client vault and select View Properties.

  3. Check Make this Private Vault to enable the client vault to be private.

  4. Click Save Settings.

  5. To enable additional users to access a private vault, right click on the client vault and select View and Access Notifications.

  6. Click Edit Access Settings.
  7. Click Add User.

  8. Enter the information for the user to be added and then click Add.



When you set a client vault as private, an icon appears in your client list to denote that this client vault is now private.


Additionally, this vault no longer inherits group access permission settings from the folder template, however, the client vault will reflect changes to the folder template such as adding new folders to the template or changing global notifications.


The only group that will continue to have access to private folders is the administrator group. Any user set as an administrator can access client vaults that are set as private. You cannot grant access to additional user groups on a private vault, but instead must grant access to individual users.

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