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Share Folders Using View Access and Notifications - Dashboard

Applies to All SmartVault Plans

Share folders by granting access to users internal or external to your organization. Folders are shared from the client portal.  We recommend reviewing the Learn More about Share and Mange Access Permissions topic before reading on.


Give a user the ability to view, upload, delete and modify documents in a specific folder(s)

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Dashboard.
  2. Select the vault or folder you want to share.

  3. Click on the Container Properties  icon.

  4. Click the Access and Notifications tab.

  5. Click on the button  
  6. If this is the first time sharing with the user, select your license type and complete the form.
  7. Review the permissions in the Access and Notification Settings and select the boxes as desired.
  8. Enter a personal message. (optional)
  9. Click Add.

  10. Back on the Share and Manage Access screen, select one of the "Apply Changes to" options from the pull down box and click Save Settings.

  • This folder only will give access to only this folder. Pre-existing sub folders do not inherit permissions from the parent. However, any sub-folders created after the permissions are set do inherit the parent's folder access settings. If you want to address this, edit the View and Access Notification Settings of the new folder and remove the inherited permissions.

  • This folder and all subfolders will give access to this folder and all of the sub folders that already exist. Any new folders created in the future will inherit the parent's access settings.  

    • Note: When you remove access at the parent level, users with access can still view the sub folders in the SmartVault Portal (indicated with a gold star) but cannot browse the folder hierarchy in the SmartVault Drive or Portal.

  • This folder and make all subfolder access settings exactly like these will remove all access settings of every folder below in the hierarchy and replace them with the settings from this window. 

    • Note: This option should not be used except in special circumstances. Carefully read the warning message you receive, this step is not reversible. Customer Support or our engineering team will not be able to assist in resetting the lost permissions.


This method is NOT recommended for our structured plans (plans with folder built in folder templates), unless you need to provide access to a custom folder that is not part of the template. Use the links below for sharing with users in our structured plans (template based)

Granting Access to Vaults and Folders: 

Inviting a Tax Client

Inviting an Employee

Visit SmartVault University for help with setting up your account as a tax or accounting professional.