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Share a Vault Using Manage Group Members (in the Dashboard)




Consider a vault like your traditional file cabinet. It even has an icon that resembles the file cabinet in the SmartVault Portal. Once you give someone access to it, they get access to all of the folders within it. If you add new folders, the user has access to those as well.


Vaults are shared using group membership. If you place someone in the group, the user receives the permissions that group grants on each folder in the vault. 


Vault group membership is often used for employees of the firm. You may have multiple vaults, but you may not want to give every employee access to every vault. Learn more about Group Memberships.  Give access to guests or clients at the vault level if the vault only contains that guests or clients data


  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Dashboard. (Click here to learn how to change your default view to the Dashboard)
  2. Click on the Files & Folders view icon.  
    • if you have a SmartVault Business plan, you can skip this step as your Dashboard will look like Step 3 below.

  3. In the Files and Folders view, navigate to the Vault and click on its  or Properties icon.

  4. Click on Manage Group Members.

  5. Choose the type of access you would like to give (Click here to review the different types of access).
    • Vault Manager - Grants the ability to Read, Write, Create, and Delete all files within and allows them to invite others to that vault (for Users or Employees only - Clients or Guests cannot be given Vault Manager status).
    • Vault Full Access - Grants the ability to Read, Write, Create, and Delete all files within that vault, but not invite others.
    • Vault Read Only - Only grants the ability to Read (view and download) all files within that vault.

  6. Click Add Member.
  7. Check the box next to the member's name from the list and click Add.  If you do not see the person's name you wish to add, click Invite User Not in List.
  8. Enter the email address of the person you would like to invite and click Send Email.
    • If you wish, you can also type in a personal message to be included within the invitation email.


  • Once you put a user in a group, you cannot deny them access to a folder in the hierarchy.
  • We recommend using groups for your employees.
  • If you use the SmartVault for QuickBooks or Reckon Accounts, you also give the user access to the associated folders for the company file (these hold all of the attachments for your QB file).
  • Give access to guests or clients at the vault level if the vault only contains that guests or clients data
  • Adding to groups is the easiest way to manage your employees and other users who need access to all the folders in the vault.


This tutorial documents the only method of vault sharing for Business and non-Tax plans.

For both Tax and Accounting plans, the process outlined should only be used in certain situations.

Contact for more information.