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Use the Recycle Bin to Restore Files

Users can use the Recycle Bin to restore deleted files or folders for up to 90 days. The Recycle Bin is available in the SmartVault Portal and displays items that have been deleted at the specific folder or vault level. If you've deleted a folder and it contains files, you must select the recycle bin option at the parent folder or vault of the deleted folder. 


Note: You can contact support if you need to recover an item past 90 days.

For example, if you delete folder A1 containing file F1 from Vault A:

Recycle Bin example

You have to use click the Recycle Bin option at Vault A to see and restore the deleted items.



  1. Select the vault or folder from where the item was deleted. Then, in the Vault Tasks pane or in the right click menu, click Recycle Bin.

    P_Recycle_Bin_Vault_Task.png     P_Recycle_Bin_Right_Click.png
  2. In the Deleted within field, select the appropriate time frame from the drop-down list.


  3. Select the check box for each item you want to restore.


  4. Click Restore.


  5. Click OK to confirm you want to restore the selected item.


  6. Verify your items have been restored in the client portal.



If you do not know the location of the vault or folder where the deleted item was previously stored, you can ask a SmartVault Administrator to help you identify the previous location of the document using the Activity Log

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