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Vault Tasks: View Properties



From within the SmartVault Portal, right-click on a vault and select "View Properties" from the drop down menu.


Only an Admin can use the View Properties window to:

  • Rename a vault.
  • Set the maximum number of automatic Reckon or QuickBooks company backups that will be saved in this vault.
  • Decide whether the first Reckon or QuickBooks backup made each month will be kept forever or will it be counted as an automatic backup that will be replaced once the vault reaches its set maximum number of automatic backups.


Admins can decide how many automatic backups of Reckon and QuickBooks company files they would like to save in each vault. By default:

  • Each vault is set to save the last 5 automatic backups of each company file.
  • The first backup made each month will be kept forever and not count against the default maximum of 5 automatic backups.



Once an Admin attaches a Reckon or QuickBooks company file to SmartVault they can decide:

  1. How often they would like a company file to automatically backup to SmartVault (set through the User Settings in the SmartVault Launchpad).
  2. How many automatic backups they would like to save of each company file (set through Vault Task: View Properties within the SmartVault Portal).


Saving the 5 most recent automatic backups fits most business workflows, but you may work on a company file only once a month or you might have a dozen people working with the same company file each day, so carefully consider the benefits and ramifications of increasing the number of automatic backups. 

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