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View the Activity Log for a Vault or Folder



*** Please Note *** the Activity Log is now available in all new SmartVault plans except Basic 2016 and Team 2016.

For security and compliance, it is important to not only prevent unauthorized access to your confidential information, but to also be able to audit who has accessed sensitive documents. For example, you need to be able to know when someone uploaded, downloaded, deleted, or changed the properties of any document, or if someone changed access settings on a vault or folder. SmartVault's audit trail feature, the Activity Log, does just that.


  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Portal.

  2. Select the account, vault, or folder for which you want to view the activity log.

  3. Right click and select View Activity Log.

  4. In the User Type field, select the type of user you want to view activity for. For example, select All if you want to view activity for all users. The All option includes any user with a user, client, or guest license. Select Clients if you want to view activity for only client users. Select Guests if you want to view activity for only guest users. (In a Tax Plan, tax clients use a Guest license.)

  5. In the From Date, specify the start date for the activity log.

  6. In the To Date, specify the end date for the activity log.

  7. If you have selected a vault or folder and you want to view activity for both the selected vault or folder as well as for all subfolders below the vault or folder, select the Include all subfolders check box.

  8. Click View.

  9. SmartVault displays the activity log for the selected item.

  10. If you want to export the activity log to a CSV file, click Export to CSV.

  11. If you want to export the activity log to Excel, click Export to Excel.

  12. Click Close.

Note: Depending on your version of Microsoft Excel, when you try to open a export to Excel, you might see a warning message about how the Excel file you are trying to export has a different format than specified by the file extension. If you see this warning message, click Yes. The export file is actually fine. The SmartVault team is working on adjusting the file format so you don’t see this message.



This feature is available in all SmartVault Tax and Accounting plans as well as the Professional 2013 and newer Pro plans.

  • Due to the amount of data an activity log produces,we recommend to have a successful Activity Log results, pull the data in 3 month chunks, rather than trying to pull an entire year's worth of data.