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Working with Custom Groups



With the Tax and Accounting SmartVault plans, you have access to three customizable groups. You can edit the names of these groups and then populate the groups with the employees for that particular group. Use these custom groups to control access to specialized folders that not all employees should access.


For this tutorial, we'll use the example of an accounting firm that also has employees that manage investments. Since not all employees will have access to investment folders, you can assign specific employees to an investment group and then set the access settings to only include the investment group.


You can use custom groups in a similar manner as described, or you can use custom groups for different purposes depending on the needs of your business.


Rename a custom group:

  1. Sign in to the SmartVault Client Portal.
  2. Right-Click on your account and select Manage Custom Groups.

  3. Click the pencil icon  to edit the names of the custom groups.
    (For this example, we'll rename a group to be "Investors".)

  4. Click Save Changes.

Add users to a custom group:

  1. Right click on your account and select Mange Custom Group Members.

  2. Select the group from the drop down menu.

  3. Add the appropriate employees to the group (the users you add to any custom group must also be an employee in your SmartVault account). Click on the employee in the left column and click Add to include the employee in this custom group. Click Add All to include all employees in this custom group.
    (For our example, we'll add all investment employees.)

  4. Click Save Changes when finished.

Set access controls for the folder template:

For our example, we'll use the built-in folder template for investments.

  1. Right click on your account and select View Dashboard.

  2. Click Manage Folder Templates.

  3. Click the pencil icon to edit the folder template for investments.

  4. Click the gear icon and select Edit Folder to make changes to the folder template.
  5. Remove any groups that should not access investment folders. For our example we'll remove all groups and add only the Account Administrators group and Investors group. Click the + icon to add groups and click the X icon to remove groups
    (Remember, we renamed the custom group "Investors" earlier. Any custom groups you rename will appear in the folder templates with the name you enter.)


  6. Click on the added group name and select "Investors" from the drop down list. Then, add another group and click the group name; select "Account Administrators" from the drop down list.

  7. Set the access and/or notification settings for each group.
    (Usually Account Administrators have all access permissions.)

  8. Click Save Changes to save your changes to the individual folder.

  9. Click Save Changes to save your changes to the overall template.

  10. Provide a description of the changes you made and click OK.

  11. Click Apply Template.

  12. You will receive a confirmation of your changes.



You can create a new investment folder for a client by creating a new engagement for that client. Select Investment as the type of engagement. If you set up your folder templates for investments according to this guide, only members of your investors group will have access to the folders created when you add engagements for investments.


You can set up other folder templates similarly for other engagement types by using this tutorial as a guide. It's important to note that members of any of your custom groups will also be members of your employees group, and you should not try to use these custom groups to limit access to those folders to which your employees group has access.