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Getting Started with Reckon Accounts Integration


You've activated your account and installed the SmartVault desktop software. Now you're ready to integrate our award-winning toolbar in your first desktop Reckon Accounts company file. The Reckon company file will be provisioned as an object at the root of a vault under the Applications\QuickBooks\<Name of Reckon Company>. Under this, you will have a Backups and a Documents folder.

  • Backups folder is where the Reckon Accounts Backup data file reside, from where you can Restore it to any machine Reckon Accounts for desktops.
  • Documents folder contains the individual folders for the supported transactions in Reckons Accounts to which you can attach and upload your Reckon source documents.

Before you begin

Create a vault for your Reckon Accounts Book before you add your Reckon company file to SmartVault.

In SmartVault, a vault is a secure file cabinet used to store documents attached to your Reckon Company file transactions. It can also be used to store all other documents as a part of your document storage solution.


When you add the Reckon company file to SmartVault, you will be asked to select a vault.


You can add all of your Reckon company files to one vault, or you can create a separate vault for each of them. Most SmartVault users choose to create a separate vault for each of their Reckon company files.


When you first sign in to the SmartVault Portal, it displays a default vault called My First Vault and a default folder called My First Folder. If you want to add your first Reckon company file to this default vault, you can simply rename this default vault by right-clicking on the vault, clicking Rename, and then typing in a new name for the vault. Here are some suggestions for Vault names:

  • Reckon Books Clients Vault

  • Bookkeeping Clients Vault

  • My Company Vault

You can also create additional vaults for storing and sharing documents.

Step 1 - Sign in to the SmartVault Desktop software

Signing in to SmartVault enables all our time-saving, cost-efficient tools.  See Signing in to SmartVault.

Step 2a - Add a desktop Reckon Company File

Before you can begin attaching documents to Reckon entries using the SmartVault Toolbar, you must add (provision) your Reckon company file to SmartVault.  See Adding a Desktop Company File

Step 3 - Sharing the Documents linked to a Reckon Company File

You can share the documents you've attached to Reckon transactions with your clients.  See Sharing Attached Reckon Documents with Clients.

Step 4 - Using the Inbox to attach documents in Reckon Accounts

The SmartVault Inbox is a scanning and file upload tool included in the SmartVault Desktop software.  See Attach a Document in the SmartVault Inbox to a Reckon Accounts Entry


Ready to Learn More with SmartVault?

See Overview of the SmartVault Inbox.

See Attaching Supporting Documents to Reckon Accounts Transactions (dragging, scanning)

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