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Sample Email for Guest Users


Use this sample copy to help you introduce the value of SmartVault to your clients and the benefits they will get from the service you are providing to them. This also gives your clients information on how they will set up their SmartVault user ID.

Sample Email to Use with your Clients


Right click here and select Save link as to download a .txt file containing a suggested template.


Copy the text below the line to your email template that you plan to send to your clients. Modify the contents as needed with your customized information before sending.


<Firm Masthead>



To provide this secure online client portal, we have partnered with SmartVault an award-winning online document storage and secure file sharing solution. The technology allows us to easily store, view, and share files securely with you using a secure Web-based client portal—offering you any time, any where access to your documents and the assurance that you are always viewing the most current data.


The secure online SmartVault client portal provides the following benefits:

  • Enjoy access to your files any time via the Internet or your Web-enabled mobile device (Blackberry, iPhone, iPad, etc.) Your data is at your fingertips 24/7.
  • Relax knowing your data is always backed up. SmartVault offers offsite backup of all data and documents stored in the SmartVault client portal.
  • Feel confident that you data is always secure. Exchanging files using a client portal is far more secure than email and more convenient than using a CD, USB device, or snail mail. More information about SmartVault’s secure platform is available at


The benefits of using the secure SmartVault client portal are numerous, but the single biggest driver that led to our adoption of SmartVault is the solution’s ease of use, which eliminates any need for training. If you can click a link in an email, you can use SmartVault to access your files. It’s really that easy.

In order to access your secure client portal, you will be set up as a SmartVault user in the <Firm Name>account and will need to take just a few simple steps to activate your SmartVault user ID. The process is as follows:

  • You will receive an email from <insert administrator or vault manager name at the firm here> requesting permission to securely share files from your custom folder in the client portal. Click the link within the email to accept the account invitation and create your SmartVault user ID.
  • Once your SmartVault user ID is created, you will automatically be signed in to the client portal where you will access your files.
  • A sample of the email you will receive and the short web form you will need to complete in order to create your SmartVault user ID is available at What the Client Portal Looks Like to Clients and Guests


We are looking forward to taking the next step in improving our service to you, and will continue to work to earn your business in the coming year. <If there is an additional charge to the client for any of these services, you could communicate it here>. We are always here to help, so feel free to contact us with questions or feedback. Call <firm name contact & phone #> or email <email address>.





This email template helps you introduce SmartVault as the solution you plan to use to store and share their documents. It provides information your client can use to have confidence in how to get started and the addresses any security co

When to Use

Use this templates whenever you're ready to share a documents with your client for the first time or whenever you onboard a new client.


Note: This copy is designed for clients you intend to share and exchange documents with using only the SmartVault client portal. For example, this letter is for clients with a guest license who will be using the client portal to view and work with documents related to financial statements, tax returns, etc.


A sample email for clients you purchased client or user licenses for, and who will utilize the SmartVault Toolbar plug-in for QuickBooks, the SmartVault Drive (for uploading and accessing documents using a mapped drive), and the SmartVault Inbox (for scanning and uploading documents for later processing by the client or by the firm) is available at

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