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This page will give you an overview of the different tools and settings available through the SmartVault Launchpad.  





Tools for Reckon Accounts Users

SmartVault Portal
  • This is a shortcut that launches your preferred web browser and takes you to the login screen for the SmartVault Portal.  
  • The Portal allows you to organize, share, view, and store your documents online.  
  • You can also manage your SmartVault account and perform administrative tasks, such as view your Activity Log or recover a file from the Recycle Bin, through the Portal
  • For a glossary of SmartVault Portal terms, please click here.
SmartVault Inbox
  • Used to quickly scan, upload, or download files without going through the SmartVault Portal.
  • Available to all users, but requires the user to be logged in to the Launchpad to work.
  • Mostly used by Client and Guest users to scan and upload supporting documents to be attached to transactions or entries in Reckon Accounts.
SmartVault Drive
  • Maps SmartVault as a networked hard drive available through Windows Explorer.
  • Available to all users types except Guests, but requires the user to be logged in to the Launchpad to work.
  • Allows you to open and save files directly into SmartVault or quickly copy files and folders in to or out of SmartVault by dragging and dropping.
Scanner Integration
  • If your scanner uses TWAIN drivers, you do not need to install these scanner profiles.
  • Some scanners use proprietary software that will not natively scan into SmartVault, so we have created profiles for the two most popular proprietary software packages: Canon CaputureOnTouch and Fujitsu ScanSnap.
Back Up QuickBooks Data
  • Used to create manual backups of your Reckon Accounts company files and save them to SmartVault
  • You must be signed in to the Launchpad and the Reckon Accounts company file must be closed (all users in a multi-user environment must have the file closed) for the manual backup option to work.
  • To schedule automatic backups, you must go through the Backups tab within SmartVault User Settings.

User Settings, Support Links, Optional Plugins

SmartVault Support
  • Takes you to SmartVault's Customer Center:
  • You can search SmartVault's Knowledge Base articles or submit a support ticket.
SmartVault User Settings
  • Allows you to change the default settings for your user account.
  • Preferences tab:  Set the Launchpad to remember your credentials or change the colors of the SmartVault Toolbar within Reckon Accounts.
  • Scanners tab:  Change the default settings for your scanner when scanning to SmartVault.
  • Backups tab:  Select which Reckon Accounts company files you would like to automatically backup to SmartVault and the frequency of those backups.
  • Confirmations tab:  Set default responses to most common pop-up windows associated with SmartVault.
  • Engagements tab:  Does not apply to Reckon plans with SmartVault.
  • Extensions tab:  Does not apply to Reckon plans with SmartVault.
  • Advanced tab:  Used to resolve intermittent connectivity issues with SmartVault.  
Get Outlook Plug-in
  • Shortcut to the SmartVault for Outlook Plugin page with a training video and download button.


You must have the SmartVault for Windows application downloaded and installed to gain access to the SmartVault Launchpad.  

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