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Supported Reckon Accounts Transactions


Documents can be attached to most types of entries in Reckon Accounts. Documents attached to these transactions are uploaded to their respective folders in SmartVault. These folders are located in your vault at Applications\QuickBooks\Documents.​


Uploading documents to SmartVault via the SmartVault portal to ‘transaction-less’ folders in Reckon Accounts or those objects in which Reckon Accounts does not have an entry is supported. You may upload to the following folders: Home, Inbox, Reports or Company Snapshot, without needing to use the SmartVault toolbar.


Reckon Accounts Entry Type Reckon Accounts Suggested Documents to Attach

Vendor (Suppliers)


Contracts, agreements, tax documents, price lists

Bill Y Bills, approval letters, supporting documents
Purchase Order Y Purchase orders, depreciation schedules
Item Receipts N Receipts, packing slips
Bill Payment Y Cheques
Credit Card Activity Y Credit card charge receipts, refunds/credits
Inventory Adjustment Y Photos, inventory listing
Customer Y

Contracts, agreements, pictures

Job Y Job Details, photos, diagrams, schematics, maps, emails
Estimate Y Estimates
Invoice Y Invoices, timesheets, expenses, receipts
Sales Receipt Y Receipts
Receive Payment Y Invoices, cheques, email
Credit Memo Y Invoices, cheques, email
Credit or Refund Y Invoices, cheques, email, reciepts
Sales Order Y Sales Orders, purchase orders, work orders

Statement Charge

Y Expenses, receipts, timesheets
Employee N Employment agreements, tax forms, paycheques, photos, driver licenses, timesheets, W-9s
Liability Cheque Y Cheques, supporting documents
Non-Payroll Transactions Y Cheques
Home Window Y Company Information
Account Y Bank statements, contracts, agreements
Cheque Y Cheques
Deposit Y Cheques, Deposit slips
General Ledger Entry Y Supporting documents
To Do Y Supporting documents
Item Y Supporting documents
Company Snapshot window Y Financial documents, objectives

Report Center window

Y Reports
Cheque Register and Bank Reconciliation N Statements, Supporting documents
Cash Purchases N


Transfers N Deposit slips, electronic confirmations