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Create Vault and Folder Templates for Reckon


Our best practice recommends that you use a standardized folder structure of your clients whenever you can. This makes organization of your data much more user friendly for both your employees and your clients. You can always make exceptions for those clients that need an extra folder or two to meet specific needs. 


Using the SmartVault Drive, you can create vault and folder templates using Windows Explorer or Mac Finder. Create a Template vault at the root of your account where you can store your template folders. Then copy your folder templates into SmartVault using the SmartVault Drive. Each time you need to use a vault or folder template, you can use the SmartVault Drive to quickly build out new vaults and folders by copying and pasting your template structure.


To start with, we suggest identifying the the various folder needs you have. Regardless if you are a end user business who wants to use SmartVault for their document storage or a bookkeeper/accountant who provides services for multiple clients. We've provided examples below to help you get started.


You may have a one folder structure you want to use for your bookkeeping clients, one folder structure you want to use for your tax clients, one general folder structure you want to use for non-client related documents, and a monthly folder structure that you want to be able to copy and paste under a variety of different folders.


Example of the Templates vault at the root of the account with various templates you can use.




General Folder Template

Monthly Folder Template