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Understanding Vaults and Folders For Reckon Partners


Vaults and folders help you organize the documents you store in your SmartVault Portal.
vault is a secure online container, like a locked online file cabinet, that you can use for secure online document storage.
Vaults contain folders. Once you create a vault, you can create as many folders and subfolders in the vault as you need to help you further subdivide and organize your documents. Use the example below to help you build out your folder structure to service your clients. In order to easily manage client data, organize client data by year first as shown in the example. This will help you archive or remove older data easily in the future. 
If you don't have more than 150 clients, then create as separate vault for each client. Inside which separate the data by year, again to ease the ability of archiving data in the future.



You create vaults to help you subdivide and organize documents stored in SmartVault.


Once you create a vault in your SmartVault client portal, you can create folders and subfolders in the vault to help you organize the online document storage in the vault.


Note: When you first sign in to SmartVault, SmartVault displays a default vault called My First Vault, and a default folder called My First Folder. You can rename this default vault and folder or delete the default vault and folder after you have created your own customized vault and folder structure.

When to use this feature?

For example, you can create a vault for all of your external clients and then create subfolders for each client or group of clients, or if you have a small number of clients, (under 30 is our best practice recommendation) you can create a vault for each of your clients, and then create folders for the various type of documents each client will store. You can also create a vault for each department in your company, and then create folders for the various types of documents each department will store.

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