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Attach to QuickBooks from SmartVault Folder


Attach documents that are uploaded to the Inbox or other custom folder in SmartVault. These can be uploaded to these folders in a variety of ways by a variety of users, such as employees or clients. (This article applies to hosted QuickBooks as well as local) ​

Regardless how the documents get there, you can attach them to the QuickBooks entries.



After completing this how-to, you will know how to process documents that are in the Inbox.


  1. Open the SmartVault Launchpad by clicking on the icon on your desktop.

    2014_Feb_Launchpad icon.png
  2. Login to SmartVault and In QuickBooks, ensure you have your SmartVault Toolbar to the right side of your window.

  3. Create or open an existing QuickBooks transaction to attach to.
  4. Click Attach (paperclip icon) in the Smartvault Toolbar.
  5. Click the Inbox button.

  6. By default, it will open the QuickBooks Inbox Folders tab associated with your company file. (You can choose to browse to a different folder in SmartVault)
  7. Select the document to attach and click Move.
  8. When you see a number greater than 0 under the folder icon, the document has been attached to the transaction.



If you don't have a toolbar, click here for a solution to resolve the issue.