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SmartVault Health Check

Congratulations on your SmartVault Health Check purchase! 

Our Health Check service is here to provide you with the best support and service on how to utilize SmartVault in the best way possible and also ensure the system and software are configured correctly as well as up to date. We encourage you to write down your questions and concerns as a list so that it can be addressed first right from the start. The guideline below is some of the things we will address. Because a Health Check is different for each client, we may not go over everything listed below and can concentrate in other areas if you need to cover other concerns.



Software Installation & Updates
  • Check SmartVault software version and update if necessary across all your machines.
System Configuration
  • Review Customized Branding
    • Create a custom sub domain
    • Select Color Scheme for the portal
    • Resize / Upload your logo header (if you have one made)
    • Upload Email Header Logo
    • Add the Email signature Closing Text 
  • Check User Setup
    • Administrative user versus Employee users
    • Client user versus Guest users
  • Check Folder Template Setup
    • Review folder templates and modify if needed
  • Check Email Template Setup
    • Show how to customize the email templates

Best Practices & Knowledge Transfer

  • Review new SmartVault features and underutilized software features
    • Connected Desktop
    • Encrypted Email
    • File Locking
    • Activity Log
    • New Dashboard review
    • Demonstrate distribution workflows for organizer, financial statements and tax returns
  • Examine source data collection
  • Review client experience
  • QuickBooks Integration where applicable
Scanner (if applicable)
  • We'll check any TWAIN compatible scanners and ensure they are properly integrated with our software. 
  • Show workaround for non-compatible scanners that do not use TWAIN drivers
  • Provide details of suggested workflows and recommendations into a useful reference document
    • Admin Training Reference Guide
    • Staff Training Reference Guide


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