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SmartVault QuickStart Pro - File Cabinet CS

Congratulations on your SmartVault purchase!

Your next step to getting the most value out of your SmartVault experience is taking advantage of one of our Onboarding and Training packages.  Moving from FileCabinet CS is a difficult procedure, but well worth it.  Our QuickStart service package for FileCabinet CS customers is specially designed for you.



Installation & Configuration
(30 minutes)¹

Administrative Training

(30 - 45 minutes)

  • SmartVault Software
  • Custom Branding
  • Email Templates
  • Tax Software Integration
  • PDF Printer
  • Scanner Integration
  • Launch pad
  • Portal
  • Connected Desktop
  • Dashboard Overview
  • Folder Templates Overview

Staff Training

(1 hour group session)


File Cabinet CS Migration


  • Team Workflow Overview
  • Unlimited Access to SmartVault Live Training Suite
  • Over 20 Specialized Training Courses
  • Installation of Bulk file upload tool2
  • Import of Client Vaults
  • File Cabinet CS Data Extraction3
  • Mapping of Clients

1Limit: Client installation on 1 administrator machine
2Limit: One FileCabinet CS Database
3Limit: Up to 500 Clients or 50 GB of data, whichever limit is reached first – additional clients or data is extra



  • Able to create a backup of all clients to be migrated from FCCS to a local machine
  • Able to upload data to SmartVault or send encrypted drive with data to SmartVault (Call for special pricing on encrypted drive processing)
  • Availability to provide additional information for clients who did not match during mapping process
  • Additional Databases: Able to download files from current data source into standard Windows Folder Structure


  • Initiation of QuickStart service shall normally be scheduled within 10 business days of date of purchase
  • Data migration shall normally be completed less than 30 business days after receiving customer data
  • Installation, Configuration, and Admin Training shall normally be completed simultaneously with data migration
  • Depending on the complexity of your data source, we estimate the customers time commitment to be 2 to 5 hours of interaction with the SmartVault QuickStart team for your migration.


Scope of Service Limits:

  • 1 working FileCabinet CS database
  • Client installation of SmartVault software on 1 administrator machine
  • Up to 500 clients or 50Gb of data (whichever comes first)
    All data from the source will be migrated to the Prior Years Data folder in the new account
  • 1-on-1 training limited to the sessions and times outlined above



  1. SmartVault Delivery Expectations:
    • Completion of most QuickStart Services within 30 days from date of payment
    • Offer service delivery start date within 10 business days from date of payment
    • Response time of less than 24 hours during normal business days for status updates or schedule change requests
  2. Customer Participation Expectations:
    • Completion of QuickStart Service within 30 days from service delivery start date
    • Customer may, at the time of purchase, request to postpone service delivery start date up to 30 days after date of payment
    • Availability to schedule service delivery start date within 10 business days from date of purchase
    • 24 hours advance notice to reschedule a service appointment.  Missed appointments will be assessed a $25 re-booking fee.
    • 48 hour response time to requests from migration specialist (delayed customer response times will result in project implementation delays beyond the control of the SmartVault migration team and may impact your completion date)
  3. Refund Policy:
    • Customer is entitled to a 100% refund of all service fees prior to Service Delivery Start Date
    • Customer is entitled to a 25% refund of all service fees prior to substantial completion of QuickStart service work
    • Upon substantial completion of work, SmartVault shall consider payment for services complete and final
    • If customer abandons QuickStart after purchase date and fails to notify SmartVault of customer intent to postpone QuickStart implementation, customer’s payment for services shall be non-refundable after 30 days from purchase date
  4. Charges for Service:

    SmartVault reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms of Service, at any time.

    • Additional service charges may be incurred during your QuickStart.  All additional charges will be provided to customer in writing prior to initiation of charge.
                        $100   per Additional FileCabinet CS clients or data blocks
      $100 per 100 clients over 500 clients or for each 10GB over 50GB of data included with purchase of
                        QuickStart service package)

      $200   per Additional DMS database

      $300   per Additional non FileCabinet CS database

      $800   per Additional FileCabinet CS database

      $200   per Hour Custom Staff Training Session

      $100   per Hour 1-on-1 training (after included configuration and administrative training)

      $  25   per missed appointment (without 24 hours prior notice to reschedule)

SmartVault reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to change, modify, add or remove portions of these Terms of Service, at any time.

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