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Release Notes

SmartVault Release Notes for June 2020  

Release Date: June 16, 2020

Say hello to the new Home page!

We have made SmartVault easier to use with a full user experience renovation.

Home page.png

Information box 1.PNG

Check out this video to see the beginning stages of the new SmartVault experience!


What is new?

Information box 2.PNG

New logo interface and parameters to align the look and feel of SmartVault with your branding

The customer logo has a new location for better visibility, and more dynamic sizing to maximize the best fit. The image will scale based on the size of the image uploaded.

New logo area+.png

Existing customer logos have been imported to the new Home page and resized to fit them in the new area.


Quick and easy switch between the new Home page and old Dashboard

Switch your Home page to the legacy view (Dashboard Home) with a simple click. The Switch back to the legacy view link will show within the New Experience Loading informational tile in the right area of your home page.


Note 1.PNG

You can switch back to the new Home page, clicking the Explore now button in the top bar of the Dashboard.


Select between accounts – for users with access to multiple accounts

The new capability allows you to switch and configure an account as preferred. Click the arrow to open the drop-down menu and select the account. Click the star to make it your default login account.


Self-onboarding – Learn how to configure your account

We have created a help pane with direct links on how-to articles to help you self-onboarding. The new experience will guide you through the right steps to configure your account and ensure you are set up and successful -from day one.


Explore additional features within SmartVault

A new link, Explore SmartVault, is now available on the Home page to make it easy for you to explore and configure additional features. The functionality gives you quick access to support articles for specific functions. Click on the Explore SmartVault link and start exploring!

You will find direct links to support articles with detailed information for the following functions:

• SmartVault Portal

• SmartVault Inbox

• SmartVault Drive

• Scanner Integration

• Back up QuickBooks Data

• SmartVault Connected Desktop

• Import data

• SmartVault Support

• SmartVault User Settings

• Get Outlook Plug-in



Ready to Send section added to Home page

A dedicated section with shortcuts to the Send to Client workflows makes it easy to send Tax Returns, Organizers/Client Questionnaires, and Financial Statements.


Redirection of users to the appropriate Dashboard

The system can distinguish a user based on their license type and render the correct view.

  • New account user – to be redirected to new Home page
  • Guest user – to be redirected to current Files and Folders view
Browser compatibility informational message

If you are using a non-supported browser, a dialog message shows up informing you to switch to a supported browser for an optimal experience.

What was updated?



Enhanced navigation experience

We have made the navigation to standard SmartVault functions more intuitive.

  • Left sidebar – The pane displays icons along with the standard SmartVault functions' names to make it easier for you to navigate around the product. Each option provides quick access to the main SmartVault areas (i.e., Home, Folders, Bulk Send Files, Clients, and Employees).

  • Top bar – presents a set of tools at your fingertips to access relevant information, adjust your SmartVault account, and get help when necessary.


The Notification icon to hide if no notification is available

The notification bell shows up only if there are pending notifications. Otherwise, it will not appear.


Updates for Salesforce object when deleting a client from SmartVault

We have updated the Salesforce-SmartVault integration to clear the connection in Salesforce when deleting a client from SmartVault.


What was fixed?


SmartVault-Salesforce integration to support Entity object

SmartVault-SFDC integration now supports the Entity object. The integration will allow creating a client successfully, including the Entity and the Files and Folders view on the Dashboard.


Filtering and auto-selecting of a template with custom tags

The auto-filler drop-down will only display the custom tags available for the selected template based on the Engagement Type template selection.


Ability to choose an existing Project Engagement in the auto-filer User Interface

The auto-filer now allows you to select an existing Project Engagement for document routing.


New matching logic during import for clients with empty TaxID

When importing two clients with the same name and blank TaxID or SSN in the CVS file, the TaxID field is not part of the matching process. The logic will be comparing both client names and TaxID – if they are the same, they merge; otherwise, they will not merge.