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Release Notes

SmartVault Release Notes for January Bug Fix Release  

Release Date: Jan 14, 2020

Bug Fix  

We recently had multiple reports from some customers who were migrated over to our new Dashboard View indicating that some of their folder names were being changed automatically. (Example: #123 Main St.pdf.) After some research, we found that:

- Files names beginning with "#" (hashtag) was causing the parent folder of the file to be renamed with the name of the file itself. 

As this was affecting multiple customers we made the decision to solve the problem and release the fix ASAP. The SmartVault portal can handle the special character (#) at the beginning of the file name.

SmartVault Release Notes for November 2019

Release Date: Dec 18, 2019

New Features
All these new features are for SmartVault structured plans (Tax and Accounting):

  • Dynamic Dashboard - Lets you add or hide icons on the Dashboard home page. 
  • Customizable Client Sub Types (type qualifiers) - You can now add your own client subtypes to define specific templates, like Schedule C.
  • Customizable Client IDs - For your clients not in Intuit Lacerte or ProSeries, you can now easily add the client ID when creating the client.
  • The General Engagement template now displays a custom name in the SmartVault Connected Desktop.


Feature Updates

  • Support for Intuit Lacerte 2019
  • Support for Intuit ProSeries 2019
  • You can now add a hyperlink to the Disclosure section on the custom branding page.
  • If an e-signature request fails due to insufficient permissions, the requestor will be notified via email. 


​​ ​​​​​For our United Kingdom Accounting  Plans

  • Added Monthly Engagements as a default engagement to the Payroll engagement folder.
  • Adjusted the icon in the TaxCalc Create My Password email. 


Integration Updates

  • Static File Upload - You can now upload a static file to a specific folder whenever you create a client from Salesforce using the SmartVault-SFDC integration.
  • Bulk Client Vault Creation - Create your clients in batch from your Salesforce-SmartVault integration.


Bug Fixes

  • Fixed the Google Chrome issue which was signing users out intermittently.
  • My Apps Page in the SmartVault Dashboard now displays correctly. 
  • Users can now delete blank contact cards in the client's Dashboard, such as if they are created accidentally.
  • Fixed link to SmartVault Support on the Launchpad.
  • Added link to the Client Portal Orientation in the Tax Activation email template.


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