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Required SmartVault Update for Tax Firm Employees Using the SmartVault Desktop

Issue Details

This issue only affects tax firm employees who are using the SmartVault Desktop.

We've identified an issue with documents being unintentionally duplicated. Usually, this issue occurs when a customer scans documents, uses the SmartVault Print Driver, or saves files directly to the Upload to SmartVault folder.


We've released a software update that provides a fix for the issue. It is imperative that you check that you are running the most current version of SmartVault. If you are not, you should update SmartVault at your earliest convenience. Use the following steps to verify you have the most current version of SmartVault.

Check for Updates


  1. Open the SmartVault Launchpad.

  2. Right-click on the SmartVault Taskbar Icon in the lower right hand corner of your screen

    SV Icon in Windows Taskbar 02.png
    • If you are not signed in, the SmartVault Icon will look grayed out, like this: SV Taskbar Icon - Signed Out.png
  3. Select Check for updates... in the resulting pop-up menu.

    SV Taskbar Icon - right click.png
  4. The SmartVault Updater might indicate that your version of SmartVault is current.

    WDC Client Updater - no updates 02.png
  5. Or, the SmartVault Updater might indicate that your version of SmartVault is out-of-date. The update will automatically download.

    WDC Client Updater.png
  6. Click OK to install the update and then follow the installation wizard's instructions to complete the installation of the update.

If you are still having issues updating, contact support at:

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