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SmartVault Release Notes for April 2018

April 2018 SmartVault Service Updates

Release Date: April 25th, 2018


The following changes apply to all SmartVault accounts EXCEPT Business Basic and Starter Plans:


Integrated E-Signature Solution added:

All SmartVault Enterprise, Accountant, and Business Plans (except Basic and Starter) now have access to a built-in e-signatures solution, powered by DocuSign.

Some of the benefits of creating your DocuSign account via SmartVault include:

  • No additional monthly or annual subscription fees AND no additional fees per additional User.
  • E-signature Envelopes and Knowledge-Based Authentications (KBAs) purchased through SmartVault never expire.
  • You can even request payment and add custom branding to your DocuSign account created via SmartVault.
  • You can send over 30 different file types (.pdf, .xlsx, .jpg, .tiff, etc.) out for e-signature from the Connected Desktop or the File & Folders View in the Portal.

If you would like to know more or know how to create your new e-signature account, click here.

  • Please Note: Per Citrix, current RightSignature e-signature integrations with SmartVault will continue to function until August of 2018.  If you would like instructions on how to disconnect your RightSignature account from SmartVault, click here.


The following changes apply to all SmartVault accounts:


Security Improvements: TLS 1.0 support being decommissioned.

SmartVault will be disabling support for legacy TLS protocols to stay compliant with new PCI Security Standards.  Customers who use the SmartVault for Windows Desktop Client or WDC will need to update their WDC, while those who only use the web-based Portal will be unaffected.

  • Simply update the WDC when prompted after April 25, 2018 and you'll stay compliant.
  • If you are unsure if you have updated, simply follow this Guide on Manually Checking for Updates.
  • Customers who fail to upgrade the WDC will receive a "No Network Available" error when they try to sign in once TLS 1.0 support is disabled.
    • SmartVault is already reaching out to Hosting Service providers (Cloud 9, Right Networks, InSynq, etc.) to ensure all clients are updated.
    • The WDC includes popular SmartVault tools, such as the Connected Desktop, QuickBooks Toolbar, Inbox, and Mapped Drive.
    • OS X / macOS users who have manually mapped SmartVault as a remote server/drive on their Mac will not be affected.
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