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SmartVault Release Notes for August 2019

SmartVault Release Notes for August 2019

Release Date: Aug 29, 2019

Previous Releases

New Features


Added a SmartVault integration for Salesforce

- Now Salesforce users can connect their SFDC instance to a structured SmartVault account   


Feature Updates 

  Updates to the 2-Factor Authentication

- Now you can choose to opt out of receiving 2-Factor Authentication code via email if you're primary choice is SMS or Phone

Improved SmartVault API package with tested and verified PostMan scripts to make it easier for developer to build their own integration with SmartVault

[US and UK Plans] - The Upload Notifications flag now set for the Employees group on all Send to Accountants and Client Source Documents folders *

[UK Plans Only] - Renamed AML & PM folder in Client folder template to AML*

[UK Plans Only] - Renamed WorkPapers folders in Tax, Accounting Services, VAT, Payroll engagements to Working Papers *

[UK Plans Only] - Show Year Crossover on all engagements, i.e Accounting Services 2017-2018, Payroll 2018-2019

* Only affects new accounts   

Bug Fixes 

"Select All" box inverses selection of objects in the Files view of the dashboard.

Of 5 items (files, folders or vaults), If you selected 2 of them and then changed your mind and clicked the Select All option, it used to select the other 3 and leave the original two unselected.

Removing a user from the account sends "Invalid Operation" error.

When a shared vault is closed in the Business plan, an error was being generated when trying to removed the shared user from the account.

Fixed a variety of folder template issues and their root causes

When applying a template, the following error would be displayed. "An item with the same key has already been added error"

Changes to folder templates feature so that it reduces the chances of the user's account going into a bad state.