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SmartVault Release Notes for June 2017

June 2017 SmartVault Service Updates

Release Date: June 21st, 2017


The following changes were made in the SmartVault Dashboard:

(These changes apply to ALL SmartVault Plans.  SmartVault Business Plans, including Starter, Basic, Team, Pro, and ProAdvisor can access parts of the Dashboard by simply changing their default view in View Preferences - click here to learn how.)

Please Note: you may need to clear the cache of your web browser and reload the Dashboard to gain access to these new features.

A Custom Branded logo, if uploaded, will replace the standard SmartVault logo in the Dashboard view.




Please Note:

  • The aspect ratios of the logos needed in the SmartVault Client Portal and the Dashboard are very different.
  • Instead of asking every existing SmartVault customer to create and upload a new logo that their end clients will never see, we simply resized each existing logo to fit the Dashboard.
  • The logo appears in the Dashboard to let you know that your Custom Branding is active, but it is not indicative of what your end clients see.
  • To view what your Custom Branding looks like to your end clients in the Client Portal:
    1. Open the Files & Folders View in the Dashboard.
    2. Click on the "eye" icon to the right of any Vault or Folder.

Intercom widget added to the Dashboard with pop-ups and reminders for new SmartVault users.

  • The current implementation is solely for giving new SmartVault customers guidance on using the product.
  • Additional features, like live support chat within the Dashboard, will be coming for all SmartVault customers.


The following changes were made in the SmartVault Dashboard:

(The following changes only apply to SmartVault Accountant Plans, including Tax Prep, Accounting Pro, and Enterprise.  They are not applicable to SmartVault Business Plans, including Starter, Basic, Team, Pro, and ProAdvisor.)


The ability to Archive Inactive Clients was disabled in May's software update, but has now been restored.

  • By archiving old or no longer active clients, you remove them from your Client container and no longer see them in your Client view, but you still retain all of the client's data.
  • Click this link to learn how to Archive Inactive Clients