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SmartVault Release Notes for March 2016



This page contains information about the most recent SmartVault service updates and releases. For more information about previous SmartVault service updates and releases, see Previous Service Updates and Releases.

March 2016 SmartVault Service Updates

Release Date: March 26th, 2016


The following changes were made in the SmartVault portal:

  • On the SmartVault sign in page, the phrase “Having trouble signing in?” has been changed to ‘Reset Password”.

  • When sending tax returns to clients in bulk from the ‘Send to Clients’ in the portal, the ending year in the default filter was changed from 2016 to 2015. This way, only clients’ TY15 engagements will appear by default. On November 1st, the year for the “current tax year” will change from 2015 to 2016.

  • After manually adding a new client in the Dashboard, the portal now stays on the new client record, rather than returning to client list. This makes it easier to perform other tasks on the newly-added client, such as inviting the client to use the SmartVault portal, assigning an employee, or adding a tax engagement.

  • When signing up or activating a new a SmartVault user, SmartVault now sets the default value of user’s time zone to the current time zone in user’s web browser.


The following changes were made in the Connected Desktop:

  • When sending a link using your default email application (e.g., Outlook), SmartVault now populates the To: and CC: fields in your mail application with client email addresses from SmartVault.

  • Protection from accidentally sending unencrypted documents as email attachments: When sending documents as attachments, the default has been changed to encrypting PDF files by default, and a warning will appear if you attempt to send unencrypted documents as attachments.

  • Protection from accidentally copying or moving folders: If you attempt to copy or move an entire folder, a confirmation dialog will appear.

  • Easier way to go directly to a folder or file in the SmartVault portal: There is now a new right-click option for folder and files to open the folder or file in the portal.


Following bugs were fixed in this release:

  • Some PDF readers were able to open PDF files that were sent as encrypted attachments from SmartVault, but were not able to print the file. This has been fixed.

  • In the Windows Desktop Software, user settings were taking too long to load. This performance has been improved.


Release Date: March 3rd, 2016


The following bug was fixed with this release:


  • We’ve fixed an issue where files were being duplicated erroneously in the Documents/Upload to SmartVault/Canceled folder after scanning files into SmartVault or using the SmartVault PDF Printer.