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SmartVault Release Notes for October 2016




    This page contains information about the most recent SmartVault service updates and releases. For more information about previous SmartVault service updates and releases, see Previous Service Updates and Releases.

    October 2016 SmartVault Service Updates

    Release Date: October 26th, 2016


    The following applications can now integrate with SmartVault:

    The following changes were made in the SmartVault Portal:

    The Send Tax Returns workflow within the Dashboard now includes tiled filters.

    • The "Funnel" or Filter Icon has been removed from the middle menu bar as its functionality has been replaced by the tiled filters.

    • Clients can be filtered by Client Type (Individual, Partnership, SCorp, etc.) and Year by clicking on the Client Type and Year drop-down menus in the top right corner of the Send Tax Returns tab.  (See: Send Tax Returns to Clients for more information).

    • Clients can be filtered by Tax Return Email Status (Sent to Client or Not Sent) by clicking above or below the gray-white line within the large colored tiles at the top of the Client Dashboard.  (See: Send Tax Returns to Clients for more information).

    A new tab for sending Financial Statement emails has been added to the edit Client Information screen within the Client Dashboard.

    • You can navigate to the Client Information screen by editing an existing contact in the Client Dashboard or by right-clicking on a client in the Connected Desktop and selecting "Open Client in Portal" from the drop-down menu.
    • No functionality has been removed; the Send Financial Statements workflow and the ability to send financial statements to multiple clients at once remains the same, but now you can perform the same function for one select client within the Client Information screen without having to search for them in the Send Financial Statements tab.

    A new Tax Return email template for non-individuals has been added to the Email Templates section of the Dashboard.

    • There are now two Tax Return email templates that can be edited and customized for different client types:
      • Tax Return - Individual: this email template will be used to notify an individual or couple that their tax return is complete.
      • Tax Return - Non-Individual: this email template will be used to notify all non-individuals (S-Corps, Partnerships, Trusts, etc.) that their tax return is complete.
    • All new SmartVault accounts and existing accounts that never modified the original default Tax Return email template will have different default text in their new "Tax Return - Non-Individual" email templates.
    • All existing SmartVault accounts that have customized and applied a new version of the Tax Return email template will have their modified text made the current version of their "Tax Return - Individual" and "Tax Return - Non-Individual" email templates.  (See: Customize Email Templates for more information).


    The following changes were made in the Connected Desktop:

    Issues can now be archived in the Connected Desktop.

    • Users have the option to "Archive All" or "Archive Selected" issues.
    • Archived Issues are removed from the Issues tab in the Connected Desktop and are converted into a .csv file.
      • The user can select where they wish to save the .csv file within that specific client's vault.  
      • The archived Issues files are given a default name of "Issues-<Client's Name>", but users may overwrite the name if they wish.